The Digital Detox: It’s Not Just for Tech Addicts

Virtually anyone living in our plugged-in society can benefit from an occasional digital detox. What is a digital detox? It’s making a conscious decision to break free of “smart devices” for a designated period. Designed to give you a breather from your cell, tablet or personal computer, a digital sabbatical varies in time length. Studies show there are benefits to cutting the cord for just a day or two—or for a more aggressive 30-day period.

How a Digital Detox Promotes Addiction Recovery

A digital purge can benefit all ages and walks of life, but it’s particularly helpful when you’re in the early stages of recovery. Detox benefits include:

  • Lower stress levels. Stress impairs judgment. Setting boundaries for social media and online communication lowers your stress level by promoting a positive work-life balance.
  • Healthier sleep patterns. Being tethered to your phone is recognized as a risk factor for poor sleep. Exposure to blue light affects evening melatonin production, making it harder to fall asleep. A constant stream of notifications for texts, voicemails and social media posts can also wake you during the night, making it tough to get the solid seven or eight hours of sleep you need to stay healthy and make positive lifestyle choices.
  • Reduced cravings. Seeing pictures of your old friends drinking or using drugs can trigger cravings outright—or lead to problems by encouraging you to reminisce about “the old days.”
  • Lower risk of depression & anxiety. It may seem like 24/7 social connection would provide you with support, but heavy tech users report feeling more isolated than ever. This disconnect is especially prevalent in social media, since friend and family posts are usually a highlight reel rather than a reflection of everyday struggles.
  • Improved concentration & productivity. Without technology-related distractions, you will likely find yourself better able to focus on your goals. As you face recovery-specific challenges like finding a new place to live or making a good impression at a new job, it’s a smart move to remove unnecessary diversions.

Making the Decision to Change Your Life

If you’re struggling with substance abuse, you’ll face a different kind of detox. Medical detoxification jump-starts your sober lifestyle by ridding your body of drugs or alcohol. Withdrawing from addictive substances can be complicated and potentially dangerous, so clinical supervision is the safest way to start your recovery journey.

To give your body, mind and soul a fresh start, contact the skilled addiction professionalsat Boca Detox Center. Once your body has healed from chemical dependency, it’s a good time to talk with a credentialed addiction specialist about removing technology and other distractions from your treatment path. Acting as your advocates, our team will recommend the steps necessary to shepherd you through the treatment process and bring you safely to your new, thriving life of sobriet

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