Repairing Family Dynamics
Through Family Therapy

Addiction is a far-reaching and devastating condition. Not only does it completely overwhelm the life of the sufferer, but it will undeniably cause extensive damage to the family unit as a whole. When an individual seeks treatment for their substance abuse disorder, the entire family will require treatment of some kind in order to restore healthy family dynamics. In order to thoroughly heal, the entire family must face the negative effects that addiction has had on their lives and family members must become willing to undergo some level of restorative care on an individual basis. At Boca Detox we provide the family members of our clients with all of the support, encouragement, guidance and resources they need to heal and prepare themselves for the road ahead.

How Does Family Therapy Work?

At Boca Detox our family therapy program was designed with several important goals in mind. First and foremost, we want to ensure that family members thoroughly understand the disease model of addiction. Because addiction is a behavioral disorder, it can be difficult to grasp what motivates an addicted individual to act the way that they act and do the things that they do. Another main priority of ours is to detail to the family the challenges that their loved one will inevitably experience. We provide a safe and supportive environment in which family members can speak openly and honestly with one another. All family therapy sessions will be closely monitored by a licensed family therapist, who will guide the conversation and ensure that messages are being effectively communicated and that no one resorts to unhealthy methods of communication or engages in yelling, blaming, name calling or aggression.

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Our licensed, experienced and compassionate family therapists work to provide thorough guidance on the following:

  • Thoroughly and comprehensively understanding addiction.
  • Improving communication skills.
  • Improving family dynamics and overall relationships.
  • Discussing difficult (and necessary) topics in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Resolving all conflict that exists within the family unit.
  • Learning the ins and outs of enabling, and learning how to successfully avoid enabling behaviors.
  • Teaching effective coping mechanisms and healthy life skills.
  • Providing compassionate and unbiased support.

We understand that early recovery can be a very difficult time for everyone involved, full of many necessary changes and adjustments. At Boca Detox our licensed family therapists are available to help in any and every way that they can.

The Importance of Family Therapy

Family therapy is partially about addressing dysfunction and restoring adequate functioning within the family unit, but it is also about pointing out what the family has been doing well. Our therapists focus on strengths within the family unit in order to incite positive changes to the overall family dynamic. Positive change begets more positive change. We encourage the family members of our clients to continue utilizing the tools they learn in family therapy, and reach out to us if they have any additional questions or concerns.

Addiction is a powerful and destructive disease, and more often than not it severely damages family ties. Even if a family was happy, healthy and functional before addiction took hold, significant changes to the dynamic need to be made in order for healing to continue.

The family therapist will work closely with the client and his or her loved ones in order to confront issues head-on while actively helping them rebuild trust is one another through improved communication. We work hard to provide a safe space where families can begin resolving deep-seated and personal issues with no fear of judgment or escalation.

Family therapy and addiction recovery

We take ample time to educate the family members of our clients about pertinent recovery-related topics, like enabling and the negative effects of doing so, codependency and a wide range of other potential familial issues and unhealthy behavioral patterns. In many instances, dysfunctional family patterns actually contribute to substance abuse in the first place – and if they are not thoroughly and adequately resolved, they are liable to lead to relapse at some point down the road.

By Phone or In-Person

How do we conduct our family therapy sessions? There are two main ways depending on how close the family members are to our inpatient detox facility. We can either conduct the therapy sessions in-person or over the phone. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to get the loved ones of the client in one place at the same time – people have conflicting schedules, or are simply unable to travel to and from our facility with ease. At Boca Detox we gladly adapt to all of your personal needs.

Outside of family therapy sessions, our licensed and knowledgeable case managers stay in constant communication with the family members of each individual client, keeping them updated on progress and on developing treatment plans and recovery goals. Upon admission to our private, homestyle family, each individual client will be assigned a case manager who will stay by their side during every step of the early recovery process. Case managers help clients identify personal treatment goals and help clients develop a strategy for a long-term continuation of clinical care. They also communicate with the client’s loved ones, keeping them informed every step of the way.

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We understand that it is very important for the loved ones of the client to stay in the loop, and regular phone calls will be made. If family members have any additional questions or concerns, they are able to contact the case manager at any point in time.

Family therapy medical detox services

No matter how severe a substance abuse disorder is, it inevitably disrupts the overall family dynamic. As families grow together, every individual family member will take on a very specific role. Addiction flips this long-standing dynamic upside down, and family members no longer know how to effectively function together as a unit. It is absolutely crucial that the entire family is involved in the treatment process so that they are able to repair relationships and learn how to effectively communicate as the client progresses in their recovery.

When it comes to addiction recovery, support systems are absolutely essential to long-term sobriety. In most instances, the family serves as a built-in support system. Family is an absolutely invaluable resource to those in recovery. A solid family foundation will allow the client the motivation and ongoing support he or she needs to be successful in his or her recovery. At Boca Detox we do everything we can to ensure that even after the client returns home, the family continues to operate in a healthy manner. We truly believe that a healthy family unit is one of the main cornerstones of sobriety.

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At Boca Detox we offer a comprehensive approach to medical detox. We understand that the effects of active addiction are devastating and far-reaching, and that substance abuse effects far more than just the sufferer. We make sure that the loved ones of each of our clients are involved in the treatment process every single step of the way. Our inpatient detox center lends itself to client comfort and lasting healing, while our quality program of clinical care provides clients with comprehensive medical detox services they will not find in any state-run facility or traditional hospital setting. If you have more questions about our family therapy program or our recovery program as a whole, reach out to us today. Our Treatment Advisors are standing by to answer all of your questions and get you started on your own journey of integrated addiction recovery. Contact us today to learn more.