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Blue Cross Blue Shield companies insure one out of every three American citizens. BCBS has dedicated ample amounts of time to developing health-related programs, all of which dedicate themselves to the continuous well-being of BCBS benefit holders. For example, Blue Distinction recognizes hospitals and medical doctors for their expertise and ability to provide consistent, quality care – when it comes to general health and to more complex and involved medical procedures. That is one of the main factors that sets this specific insurance company apart from the rest; not only are they dedicated to helping individuals, families and employers find the standard clinical care they need, but they show special interest in helping healthcare plan holders find specialty care whenever needed. BCBS focuses on behavioral health as well as physical health, understanding that the two are closely linked. For quite some time, BCBS has been dedicated to broadening access to mental healthcare. If you or someone you love has been suffering at the hands of an addictive disorder, having a comprehensive healthcare plan will be of the utmost importance.

Medical Detoxification

At Boca Detox we believe that medical detox is a necessary phase of every effective, multi-phased treatment process. We understand that every case of addiction is different, therefore no two recovery journeys will be exactly alike. However, our medical detox program was developed for reasons beyond physical stabilization (which still remains of the utmost importance, of course). While clients will safely undergo drug and alcohol withdrawal in a structured and supportive medical setting, they will also be given the tools they need to set a solid foundation for lasting recovery. At Boca Detox, we believe that treatment should begin during medical detox. For this reason, we offer our clients a wide range of opportunities to participate in group and individual therapy sessions, addiction education courses and a thorough introduction to the 12 step program. We also believe – above all else – in client comfort. Our private, homestyle retreat lends itself to peace, tranquility and relaxation. Our team of medical professionals, addiction specialists and licensed therapists works together to ensure a short-lived and pain-free withdrawal process.

All of these homestyle amenities might seem like they would rack up some impressive out-of-pocket costs. The truth is, however, the entire stay at an upscale medical detox facility is generally covered by private insurance plans like BCBS. If you are currently insured by a BCBS policy, the chances are that the cost of treatment will be covered entirely. In 2010, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was developed. This act regards substance abuse treatment as a necessary health-related service, and mandates insurance companies to at least partially cover the cost of treatment. If you are insured by BCBS or any other policy and you are unsure as to whether or not the cost of medical detox will be covered, simply give us a call today. Our Treatment Advisors will walk you through a brief, no obligation insurance benefit check.

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Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Once a client has been medically cleared and deemed physically fit to move on from medical detox to the next appropriate level of clinical care, he or she will generally transfer directly into inpatient residential treatment. This is where all of the intensive therapeutic healing will occur. At Boca Detox we believe in a comprehensive and integrated approach to addiction recovery. Our program was carefully designed to tackle physical, psychological and emotional healing while setting a solid and lasting foundation for years of fulfilled sobriety. The length of the stay in inpatient treatment will depend heavily on a variety of personal factors. For example, those who were abusing a chemical substance for a month or two before entering treatment will generally stay in inpatient treatment for a shorter amount of time than those who were abusing a chemical substance for a decade or more. Those with underlying mental health concerns or unresolved trauma will generally stay in treatment for a longer period of time as well. The length of stay will be determined during the in-depth assessment that our staff members conduct upon program admission. Of course, if a client has been showing exemplary signs of progress (or has been struggling to meet his or her treatment goals), the length of the stay will be adjusted.

How much of inpatient treatment is covered by health insurance? When it comes to private policies like those provided by BCBS, the answer is “more than you might think.” At Boca Detox we provide an unmatched quality of clinical care in a private, homestyle retreat — and we gladly accept coverage from most major insurance providers. If you are currently insured with BCBS and you would like to know more about your coverage in terms of substance abuse treatment, simply give us a call today. Our Treatment Advisors will run a brief, no obligation insurance benefit check.

BCBS Offers Comprehensive Coverage

At Boca Detox we offer a wide range of substance abuse recovery services to those in need. We believe in comprehensive and highly individualized care, and we develop personalized treatment plans based on the unique needs and requirements of each client. However, some of the services we offer — on a more broad scale – remain consistent across the board. In most cases, these services will be fully or partially covered by major insurance companies, including BCBS.

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Treatment services that this specific insurance policy typically covers include:

  • In-depth clinical and medical assessments, which are typically conducted before admission to medical detox and before admission to inpatient treatment (and throughout the treatment process, depending on the needs of each individual client)
  • Medically monitored detox (which generally lasts for between one and two weeks depending on the severity of the withdrawal symptoms)
  • Case management services, which are ongoing for the entire duration of the addiction treatment process
  • Addiction services, which range from inpatient or residential treatment to ongoing one-on-one therapy sessions
  • Intensive therapeutic services, including individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions and family therapy whenever possible (more likely if family members are living in the same state or can easily travel)
  • Comprehensive aftercare planning, including sober living home placement and the development of a long-term plan of clinical care

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Getting Started

At Boca Detox getting started on the road to recovery is easy. Our simple admissions program was designed with the client and his or her loved ones in mind. We understand that committing to treatment can be overwhelming in and of itself, therefore we do everything in our power to help iron out the details in a straightforward manner that makes the overall admission process as stress-free as possible. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable, quality clinical care. Unfortunately, many individuals who desperately need treatment for substance abuse and dependency fail to seek and receive the treatment they need, either because they are unaware that resources are available to them or because of insurance barriers. Even if you are currently uninsured, our Treatment Advisors will gladly walk you through a detailed list of all potential payment options. We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the care you need in a timely manner.

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At Boca Detox we believe treatment should be affordable for everyone, and we will do everything we can to be as flexible as possible in working with your health insurance provider. For a quick web form insurance verification check or contact us with your health insurance-related questions to see if your Blue Cross Blue Shield policy will provide coverage for your stay. Our phone call is completely confidential, but you should be prepared to share the following:

• Your full name and date of birth.
• Your policy holder’s name.
• Your policy’s group and member number.

Our Treatment Advisors will provide you with an understanding of your insurance benefits as they apply to your stay at the Boca Detox. It is our goal to make our services as accessible as possible, and for you to begin your recovery as soon as possible. Addiction is difficult battle, but long-term sobriety is possible. Treatment Advisors are standing by to speak with you today.