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Cofinity Health Insurance is a subsidiary of Aetna, serving individuals and families throughout Southern Florida. Cofinity is a leading regional network dedicated to offering quality medical and clinical care at a reasonable price. This specific insurance provider offers numerous cost-saving solutions, including a leading national network with urban, suburban and rural access, strong regional networks and a range of solutions for out-of-network claims. Like many major health insurance providers, Cofinity believes that medical needs go beyond prescribing physicians and traditional hospitals — behavioral health is a key component of comprehensive well-being. For this reason, Cofinity covers many behavioral health services in full, including medically monitored detox and inpatient addiction treatment.

At Boca Detox we believe that quality clinical care and effective addiction treatment should be available to all those who need it. We also understand that dealing directly with the financial component of addiction treatment can be overwhelming for our clients and for their loved ones. Our team of experienced Treatment Advisors is dedicated to making the entire admissions process as simple and straightforward as possible from start to finish. If you are currently insured — either through Cofinity Health Insurance or any other provider – and you are curious about how much of your treatment experience is going to be covered, simply give us a call. Our Treatment Advisors will run a brief insurance benefit at absolutely no cost and without any obligation.

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Medical Detox & Addiction Recovery

Medically monitored detox is a crucial first step on every multi-phased continuum of clinical care. During medical detox the individual is physically stabilized by a team of experienced doctors, nurses and clinicians while he or she undergoes drug or alcohol withdrawal in a safe and secure, closely monitored environment. Symptoms associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal are always harshly uncomfortable when not adequately treated, and they can prove to be life-threatening when they are not thoroughly addressed as soon as they arise. At Boca Detox we have carefully developed a comprehensive and high individualized model of medical detox that focuses on the entire person — not just on physical stabilization, but also on emotional well-being and mental health and stability.

As soon as a client arrives at our facility he or she undergoes an in-depth evaluation that focuses on personal history with substance abuse, current physical and mental health and any potential underlying factors that must be addressed. This helps our team determine which detox services will best suit his or her personal needs and medical requirements, and an individualized treatment plan is developed. Once the intake process is complete the client will be led to his or her private bedroom and given the opportunity to rest and relax in the peaceful and tranquil environment for as long as he or she would like. The client has access to all of the recovery-related services we provide, including therapy, a thorough 12 step program introduction and addiction education groups. The client may also take advantage of the wide range of homestyle retreat amenities we provide in order to make his or her entire stay in medical detox as comfortable as possible.

Programs Covered by Cofinity Health Insurance

Medical Detox

Medically monitored detox is an essential first step for those who have been abusing chemical substances for any length of time. One of the main criteria for substance abuse disorders is the onset of withdrawal symptoms with abruptly ceased use. These withdrawal symptoms can prove to be exceedingly dangerous – even life-threatening – when not constantly overseen by a team of medical professionals. At Boca Detox we believe that medical detox should be comprehensive, laying a lasting foundation for long-term sobriety as well as providing clients with a pain-free and comfortable withdrawal.

Addiction Services

We offer numerous addiction treatment services from intensive therapeutic care to relapse prevention training. Clients are invited to take advantage of these services or spend their time in medical detox relaxing and recuperating in their well-appointed private bedrooms.

Case Management Services

As soon as a client is admitted to our program of recovery he or she is assigned a case manager to walk them through every phase of the early recovery process. The case manager serves as a main point of contact between the facility and the loved ones of each client and helps the clinical team develop a viable aftercare plan.

In-Depth Medical and Clinical Assessment

The in-depth evaluation that we conduct upon admissions allows our team to develop an individualized treatment plan, tackling all underlying and contributing factors of substance dependency while effectively treating all physical symptoms of withdrawal.

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Intensive Therapeutic Intervention

We offer individual therapy sessions at least once per week, group therapy sessions on a daily basis and family therapy sessions for the loved ones of our clients as they navigate this somewhat difficult time.

Extensive Aftercare Planning

Having a personalized aftercare plan is crucial to the maintenance of long-term recovery. Case managers work with clients and the clinical team to develop an individualized aftercare plan that can be put into action as soon as the medical detox experience has come to an end.

Beginning on the Road to Recovery

When it comes to the chronic, relapsing and progressively worsening disease of addiction, there is truly no time to wait when it comes to seeking the professional medical care you need and deserve. If you are ready to begin your journey of healing, give Boca Detox a call. Boca Detox is part of the Guardian Recovery Network, meaning that it is a licensed and accredited facility that holds itself to the highest possible standard of clinical care. The services that Boca Detox provides are designed to pave a lasting road of lifelong sobriety while simultaneously healing all of the individuals that the active addiction affected (family members, spouses, close friends and the likes). Boca Detox provides drug and alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation services to men and women of all ages in Boca Raton, Florida and all surrounding areas. As soon as you become willing to seek the quality clinical care you need, reach out to us today to begin the admissions process.

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Our Simple Admissions Process

At Boca Detox we are dedicated to making the entire admissions process as stress-free as possible from start to finish. As soon as you or your loved one decides to seek professional treatment in a medical detox facility, our Treatment Advisors take over to ensure that the intake process is seamless and straightforward. As soon as you give us a call we conduct a brief pre-assessment over the phone, which helps us determine whether or not Boca Detox’s clinical detox program is an ideal fit. If we believe that our program will meet all of your personal needs and requirements, we move on to a free, no obligation insurance benefit check. If you are currently insured by Cofinity Health Insurance or another major health insurance provider there is a very good chance that all of the medical detox services we provide are going to be covered in full. As soon as financial matters are smoothed out we develop travel plans and set a time and a date for intake.