Addiction Treatment Coverage
Self-Pay & Private Pay

If you are uninsured or underinsured, there are several other viable payment options available that will allow you to fully cover the cost of clinical care. At Boca Detox, we sincerely believe that quality and effective addiction treatment should be readily available to all those who seek it. We understand that asking for help is likely the most difficult part of the comprehensive recovery process, and that individuals who have become willing to seek help will likely not be in a headspace to deal with all of the finer details.

Fortunately, our team of compassionate and highly experienced treatment advisors will help you along every step of the way. Dealing with the financial aspect of addiction treatment can seem overwhelming, confusing and stressful – in fact, the intimidation that goes hand-in-hand with covering the cost of treatment often deters people from seeking the help they so desperately need. At Boca Detox, we want to make sure that as soon as you reach out for help, you receive the help you are asking for.

How to Self-Pay

Once you decide to seek professional help, one of the very next steps will be deciding how you are going to cover the cost of treatment. At Boca Detox we accept most major insurance providers – however, we understand that those who have been suffering at the hands of active addiction do not always have the wherewithal to keep up with paying their premiums. Many of our clients are uninsured or underinsured. Therefore, at Boca Detox, you also have the option to self-pay some or all of the cost.

We are committed to making our clinical services accessible to men and women of all walks of life, regardless of their current circumstances. While we do work with most major insurance providers and will gladly conduct an insurance benefit check anytime one is requested, we also offer private and self-pay options. We strongly believe that a lack of insurance should never prevent an individual from receiving quality clinical and medical care.

In most cases, self-pay options will come into play when an individual is uninsured or when his or her current insurance policy does not cover the level of specialized treatment that is required. Whether you are uninsured, underinsured or your benefits have simply been maxed out, it is important that you understand there are numerous other viable payment options available. Nothing should prevent you from receiving the help you need.

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What is Covered by Self-Pay?

Self-Pay Treatment

If you are considering paying out-of-pocket for medical detox and additional addiction treatment services, it is crucial that you understand what services and amenities you will be covering. Keep in mind that the longer an individual stays in treatment the more significant out-of-pocket payments will be. The length of stay will depend heavily on individualized needs and requirements. At Boca Detox we typically recommend that a client stays in our private, homestyle detox facility for at least one full week. Of course, if the symptoms of withdrawal are severe, a longer stay will be necessary.

The services Boca Detox provides that will be completely covered by self-pay options include:

At Boca Detox our Admissions team and Treatment Advisors will work together to provide you with a comprehensive overview of self-pay rates, explaining each individual clinical service and its value.

Private Pay Options

There are numerous self-pay and private pay options available. Of course, we understand that those who have been suffering at the hands of a long-term substance abuse disorder are rarely in the position to write a check for the full amount of inpatient medical detox. Fortunately, there are many other options available. Give our Treatment Advisors a call today and they will help you determine which option is best-suited for you and your individualized needs.

If you have friends or family members who are in good financial standing and who are supportive of your recovery, you may be able to negotiate a zero-interest, private loan. However, it is important to note that active addiction often strips individuals of their ability to be trusted – especially when it comes to finances. However, if this is your first time in treatment or if you are surrounded by loved ones who avidly support you seeking quality clinical care, it probably would not hurt to ask.

You might also look into seeking a private medical loan from your bank or from another financial institution. There are numerous financing companies that specialize in behavioral health and addiction treatment loans, recognizing substance abuse and dependency as serious health-related issues. There are also certain credit card companies that will cover the cost of treatment and offer a reduced-interest plan for necessary medical expenses like addiction treatment. Some credit card companies will even defer interest payments entirely.

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Benefits of Self-Paying for Addiction Treatment

While most major insurance companies are required to cover addiction treatment under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), many will have strict regulations about the type of substance abuse services they cover in full. For this reason, even some clients who are insured will choose to self-pay if they have the means to do so. It is very important that you choose a medical detox facility based on your personal needs and clinical requirements rather than based on what your current insurance policy will cover. At Boca Detox we believe that your first time in addiction treatment should be your last – this is why we offer an unmatched level of comprehensive and highly individualized clinical care. We offer dual diagnosis treatment and trauma-informed care for those who need it; if you have specific, personal needs that your current insurance provider will not cover, self-pay and private pay options are likely ideal.

When you decide to pay for treatment out-of-pocket rather than going through your health insurance company, you will have complete control of the services you are provided.

The Value of Professional Treatment

It can sometimes be difficult for those who are in the throes of active addiction to justify paying for addiction treatment. Addiction is a disease of denial, after all. You may convince yourself that you can overcome your substance abuse disorder without professional assistance, or that paying for treatment is simply not worth it. Consider what your active addiction has cost you. Not only the money you consistently spend on your substance of choice, but a growing accumulation of missed opportunities, broken interpersonal relationships and days spent in bed wishing you felt a little stronger and a little less helpless. At Boca Detox we sincerely believe that the value of treatment outweighs the cost of active addiction.

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At Boca Detox we effectively treat the symptoms associated with drug withdrawal while providing our clients with the tools they need to continue along on their personal journeys of addiction recovery. Getting started is as simple as reaching out for help. Once you make initial contact, either through our website or over the phone, you are put in touch with one of our experienced Treatment Advisors who will answer any additional questions and walk you through our simple admissions process. We begin by conducting a brief pre-assessment, which helps our medical team determine which detox methods are the best fit for you. We offer a free, no obligation insurance benefit check and arrange local transportation to our Boca, Florida detox center. All you have to do is reach out for help, and we will take care of the rest.