Long Term Treatment Program

Detox is the crucial first step towards lifelong recovery. It is a springboard to higher levels of recovery care and treatment, and a step that most venerable treatment centers require before they will admit a client.

Detox safely and comfortably

The purpose of detox is to allow a person dedicated time, space, and support staff to rid their body of the alcohol or drugs they have been using. This can be a difficult, uncomfortable and very unpleasant experience, so a facility like Boca Detox is devoted to making your comfort and safety their top priority.

Boca Detox is an elegant, discreet facility with beautifully designed private rooms and a classically trained personal chef. Our compassionate medical and clinical staff create a custom treatment plan for each client based on the findings of our medical exam. In addition to providing a luxurious environment with all the comforts of home, we further assure our client’s comfort by providing medications like Suboxone, Librium and Serax which alleviate symptoms and reduce complications associated with detoxing.

Long-term recovery makes life worth living

Medically-managed detox is the safest way to begin your journey of recovery, but it’s only the beginning. Detox is part of a continuum of care that often includes treatment at a residential inpatient facility, or at an outpatient facility while you live at home or in sober housing.

Boca Detox provides aftercare planning for all our clients. We coordinate with trusted facilities both locally and out of state to arrange the next appropriate step in treatment. In some cases, clients come to us with aftercare plans already determined, in other cases we reach out to respected facilities to assist our clients and advocate on their behalf, supporting the transition that will lead them to long-term success.

Integrated care across treatment providers

In a few very rare cases, clients may come to us from an inpatient or outpatient facility after they have experienced a relapse. Our clinicians and case managers work diligently with clinicians from the referring treatment center to address that client’s specific issues and ensure we’re doing everything we can to address them while the client is in our care.

Make your first step toward lifelong recovery a powerful one by choosing a detox center that puts each client’s safety, comfort and long-term recovery first. Contact Boca Detox to learn more about our program 561.271.7612.