Synthetic & Designer Drug Detox Center

Synthetic drugs, also called “designer drugs”, are made of chemicals rather than natural ingredients, and meant to mimic the effects of plant-derived drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and heroin. These include synthetic opiates such as fentanyl and krokodil, synthetic stimulants such as “bath salts”, synthetic hallucinogens similar to LSD, and synthetic cannabinoids such as “K2” or “spice”.

Do you need detox for synthetic drug addiction?

Synthetic drugs have a much higher potency than the plant-derived drugs they mimic; they have a high potential for addiction and abuse, and have severe, adverse health effects that can be potentially life-threatening.

Synthetic drugs can also cause dangerous and disturbing behavior by triggering psychotic episodes of hallucinations, aggression, paranoia, suicidal thoughts or impulses, and violence. The effects of each drug can vary widely, especially in interaction with alcohol and other drugs.

Medical staff trained on detoxification protocols

Clients wishing to detox from synthetic drugs benefit from round-the-clock care by our medical and clinical staff. The medical team at Boca Detox Center is trained on the correct protocols of detoxing from various synthetic drugs.

Once we have established specific risks and concerns you may face during your detoxification, we create an individualized care plan. We will monitor you closely and provide support through medically administered prescription medications to relieve your symptoms and ease your discomfort. Boca Detox Center is located across the street from Boca Regional Hospital for any emergency health or psychiatric needs.

Comfort and personalized care

Clients benefit from the personalized care of Boca Detox staff where our client to staff ration is 2:1. Medical staff monitor you 24 hours a day, and clients see our doctor daily. Clinical support is also ongoing throughout a client’s stay with us, and you’ll meet with your counselor every day.

Staff and amenities to meet all your needs

Our housekeeping staff turn over each room daily, providing clients with fresh linens and a tidy private room to relax and rejuvenate in. Clients can relax in their private bedroom, enjoying the comfort and luxury of a pillow top mattress and flat screen TV with cable.

Our staff nutritionist oversees the diets of each of our clients, and our fully licensed, classically trained personal chef provides delicious meals daily, catering to each client’s needs.

Combining the comfort of home, the supervision of a hospital environment, and the support of experienced and compassionate staff, Boca Detox provides an ideal place to begin your journey of recovery. Contact us today to learn more 561.271.7612.