South Florida Detox Center Program

Alcoholism and addiction affect individuals and families all over the country—the disease doesn’t discriminate based on age, gender, income or occupation. At Boca Detox Center, we put the client before the pathology, recognizing each individual’s needs and carefully designing treatment plans for each client. Our credentialed medical and clinical specialists provide a personalized level of care and attention to each client to help them complete detox safely and comfortably.

Clinical excellence in a luxurious environment

Alcohol and drugs ravage the mind and body; detox can be uncomfortable, painful, even life-threatening. While the comfort and familiarity of home makes it tempting to try detoxing on your own, many individuals require careful medical supervision to manage potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

Boca Detox provides a professionally managed hospital environment, including round-the-clock medical staff. Unlike a hospital environment we are able to provide personalized care, privacy, and all the comforts of home.

Boca Detox Center provides an elegant and welcoming environment that includes private rooms and personal flat screen TVs in our Florida drug and alcohol detox center. Our trained medical and clinical staff provide the constant physical and emotional support you need to take this crucial first step of detox.

Detox is a vital first step of recovery

Surrendering your chemical dependency and coming to detox can be intimidating, so we keep you informed, secure and comfortable every step of the way.
Upon admission to Boca Detox, clients undergo a medical exam to determine the specific risks or concerns that may arise. Our highly credentialed and supportive South Florida drug detox center medical and clinical team create a detoxification program tailored to your needs.

Highly skilled medical supervision

Safe, comfortable and medically supervised detoxification is the best way to quit using and begin your journey of recovery. Our clinical team uses pharmaceuticals carefully to minimize withdrawal symptoms and ease you into detoxification. Our physicians will prescribe non-habit forming, non-sedative drugs where possible, such as Suboxone, Librium and Serax.

A plan for life after detox

Our credentialed clinicians work in tandem with care providers from local and out of state inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. Our goal is to develop a plan for each client that addresses the full continuum of care, taking into consideration each client’s unique needs.

We have a range of detoxification programs to help our clients at Boca Detox Center:

  • Alcohol detox
  • Drug detox
  • Opiate detox
  • Benzodiazepine detox
  • Synthetic drug detox

Detoxification from alcohol and drugs at Boca Detox is the first step toward an inspired life of recovery. Is Boca Detox Center the right place for you? Our team of professionals is here to answer your questions 561.271.7612.