Drug and Alcohol Detox FAQ’s

What is detox?

Detoxification, also known as “detox,” is a process by which the body rids itself of drugs or alcohol while managing the symptoms of withdrawal. This is the first step of a substance abuse treatment program, which should be followed by behavioral-based therapy and/or medication.

How many days will I be in detox?

The detox process is typically 3-10 days; however, the exact time will be determined through a medical assessment upon entrance into Boca Detox.

What should I bring with me?

Make sure to pack 7-10 days of comfortable clothing, toiletries that do not contain alcohol, books, and cigarettes if needed. Valuables such as cell phones, money, or jewelry will be locked in our safe during your stay.

Will insurance cover the cost of detox?

If you have out of network insurance benefits for alcohol and/or drug detox, a portion or all of yourstay may be covered. Boca Detox works with all major insurance providers. In addition, self-pay rates are available.

Will I be given medications to help with pain and/or sickness?

Yes, Boca Detox’s medical staff will assess each individual to determine their specific needs while in detox.

Is there 24/7 medical staff?

Yes, Boca Detox has nurses on site at all times.