Private Detox

Palm Beach County is a beautiful area on the Eastern coast of Florida. Many of our clients travel from all over the country to experience a true removal from people, places and things while they begin their recovery journey with detox.

As a client of Boca Detox, you’ll kept apart from the various triggers in your home life that can make detoxing difficult or increase the risk of relapse. Though many find it difficult to adjust to being away from home, family, and job, a break from the stresses associated with those is always welcome. Although there is no such thing as a geographic cure, getting out of the negative, destructive environment that supported and triggered your addictive behaviors gives you a chance to contextualize your recovery in a safe place, and allow yourself to reset and and refresh.

Like a garden of paradise, Palm Beach County is a lush landscape of native vegetation, flowering plants, and towering palms. Nearby, the Atlantic ocean skirts more than two miles of beautiful sandy beaches.

Luxury, comfort and clinical excellence

Like a tropical resort, Boca Detox Center’s elegant and luxurious facility provides the highest standard of care and accommodations for men and women seeking treatment.

Every client can enjoy

  • Beautifully appointed private rooms
  • Pillowtop mattress and boutique hotel bedding
  • Their own flat screen TV with cable
  • Private bathrooms

Medical staff monitor clients around the clock, and our physician and clinicians meet with each client daily. Our client to staff ratio is 2:1 at any given time, ensuring individualized and attentive care.

Our staff nutritionist oversees all clients diets, and our classically trained personal chef creates daily meals and healthy snacks.

Palm Beach County is an ideal place to undergo detox treatment and take some time and space from the daily grind. Boca Detox Center clients experience luxury and comfort as they detox from drugsand alcohol in our beautiful coastal facility, and have come to expect an unparalleled level of service and discretion from our staff.

A discreet continuum of care

Many clients who come to Boca Detox from out of state opt to remain in the area to pursue their next level of care. Our team of clinicians works with local treatment centers to ensure the highest quality continuum of care. Our clients included esteemed professionals, powerful executives, athletes and performers. We know how to keep our clients and their personal lives safe, to allow for a distraction-free healing process.

Comfort, luxury, safety and privacy are waiting for you at Boca Detox Center. Contact our team today to learn more about our exclusive program and how we can help you begin your journey of recovery 877.337.9077.