OxyContin Detox Center

A prescription painkiller derived from oxycodone, OxyContin releases into the body over a period of 12 hours. It was created for the treatment of chronic pain from serious conditions such as arthritis and cancer, but it can lead to addiction due to its euphoric effect. Because the drug is prescribed for long-term pain management, the risks of addiction are inherent.

A long-term user for medical reasons is not necessarily an addict but may still be dependent and will most likely experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking the drug. So, when a client stops taking OxyContin, the client’s physicians will then need to manage the pain that led to the initial prescription as well as withdrawal.

For a person who is misusing OxyContin, a supervised withdrawal program is the most effective and safest way for them to stop using the drug, manage the withdrawal symptoms and reduce the possibility of relapse.

Increased Tolerance

People can develop a tolerance for OxyContin and so look to take higher doses to get the same effect. At Boca Detox, our first step in providing help is to understand the client, their physical and psychological history, pattern of use, and particular circumstances.

When you begin treatment with us, we will fully evaluate your drug use and medical history. We will perform any related tests required and will begin your withdrawal process in the safest and most effective manner.

Medical Detox

Withdrawal from OxyContin is typically achieved over time, starting with tapered doses. Often other prescribed drugs, such as methadone or clonidine or similar, will be added into the client’s regimen to reduce cravings or symptoms.

Boca Detox Center

At Boca Detox we have created an environment that is both comforting and medically viable to best help people deal with OxyContin dependence and addiction.

Our medical team has years of experience in managing substance abuse, and our clinic is fully staffed and equipped to deal with the symptoms of OxyContin withdrawal.

Treatment takes place in a modern, confidential and safe environment that provides an atmosphere where clients can take the time they need to get well.

Working alongside our medical team is a dedicated staff of behavioral health technicians and case managers who work with each client to get them on a solid road to recovery. They assist with the creation of individual therapy and support programs to provide each client the support they need at our facility and once back in their own community. Do not try detox from OxyContin at home

A Full Support Program

Holistic and nutritional support are provided while you’re at our facility. Our gourmet chef provides nutritious and balanced meals to encourage suitable life-long eating habits.

Our team believes in education and stress management and will work extensively with you while you’re here so that you better understand social triggers, how to avoid them, and how to manage them on your own once you leave the center.

Lastly, no matter where home is, we can connect you with the right professionals to ensure that once on the road to recovery, you stay on solid ground.

The Boca Detox Philosophy

Body, mind and spirit – each receive equal attention at our state-of-the-art center. Skilled professionals will use the latest treatments, technology and therapies to effectively and safely manage your individualized OxyContin addiction treatment detox program. And our inviting, well-appointed and peaceful environment will ease your fears and reduce you stress to ensure a smooth recovery.

We know that overcoming an addiction or drug dependence may seem impossible, but when you’ve taken the first step by recognizing the problem, it’s then much easier to get the help you need.