It is an unfortunate reality that relapse is a part of a number of people’s recovery story. Sometimes multiple stents in recovery centers are required for the seed of recovery to take root. It is not something to be ashamed of, and relapse should not deter individuals from giving recovery another go. Even though it often does for a number of reasons.

It’s often said in recovery circles: Progress, not perfection. It can be applied to a number of aspects of anyone’s program. After years of substance use, abuse and addiction, it is important to remember that some things will come slowly. Things such as forming a solid grasp or understanding of the importance of certain things, being completely honest with yourself, or putting your recovery above everything else.

A number of people new to the program struggle with the aforementioned concept; they fail to realize that without one’s recovery, nothing but heartache or worse is possible. Others will discount the importance of getting to a meeting every day, sharing and extending a hand to someone with less time. Even when you have a month of clean and sober time, there is someone else who has less time. The point is: Those who fail to put recovery first are at great risk of relapse.

Preventing Relapse In Early Recovery

If you complete addiction detox and/or treatment and are actively working a program, you know that much is asked of you. Total commitment to the program and living by its principles for starters. Those who can grasp this stand a good chance of achieving long-term recovery.

You have probably been told that while you are sitting in a meeting, your addiction is out in the parking lot doing pushups. Getting stronger. Waiting for you to neglect your recovery and welcome It back into your life. A statement that is absolutely true, and those who operate day-to-day with that in mind position themselves better for success.

It’s is of the utmost importance you remind yourself everyday of what you have to lose if you slack on your program. And for many it isn’t just about restarting the recovery clock and having to go through the motions, again. Those of you who underwent medical detox for opioids know how easy it is to overdose under normal circumstances. Some of you have likely survived an overdose already. However, the risks are exponentially higher once you have even a little clean time under your belt. Even if you relapse on an opioid that lacks deadly fentanyl, the risk of a potentially fatal overdose is enormous. Fatal overdoses after detox and/or treatment is, sadly, quite common.

We don’t point this reality out to scare our readers. But, if it does—good. Using opioid narcotics (under normal circumstances) are analogous to playing Russian roulette. With diminished tolerance, the chances of Losing are much greater. Which is why it is worth pointing out: You can’t lose if you don’t play. And, if you want to live, stay on the path leading away from addiction in the direction of recovery.

Medical Detox Can Save Your Life

If you are one of the millions of Americans struggling with addiction, please contact Boca Detox Center. Those who begin the process of recovery with the support of medical detox stand the best chance of success. We can help you stop the vicious cycle of addiction and prepare you for the long road of recovery ahead.