When opiates like heroin, codeine, fentanyl, methadone, oxycodone and hydrocodone are taken for extended periods of time or in excessive amounts, it alters brain chemistry and can lead to dependence or addiction.

Heroin’s impact on the brain causes an overwhelming dependence on the substance. Attempting to detox from heroin is something you should never do on your own, due to the unpredictability of withdrawal symptoms. The safest way to detox from heroin and other opiates is in a medically-supervised setting.

What to Expect In Heroin Detox

Detoxification is a process that cleanses the body of toxins caused by substance use. Withdrawal symptoms usually occur within the first 12 hours after the last use and can continue for days. Opiate withdrawal symptoms occur in two phases, each with its own set of symptoms similar to those of the flu. Early-stage opiate withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Sweating
  • Body aches
  • Insomnia
  • Uncontrollable yawning
  • Watery eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Anxiety
  • Increased agitation

Late-stage opiate withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Goosebumps
  • Loose stools
  • Dilated pupils

How Withdrawal Symptoms Are Managed

Symptoms are typically at their worst during the first three days of detox and begin to improve after that. In the earliest stages of detox, it’s critical to improve the immune system by staying hydrated and eating healthy, balanced meals.

For some people in detox, heroin withdrawal symptoms can be unpredictable and overwhelming, which is why it’s so important to undergo detox in a professional, medically-supervised setting. Highly experienced clinical and medical professionals can ease withdrawal symptoms and help clients feel more comfortable.

Many detox centers, including Boca Detox, incorporate holistic therapies to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Acupuncture, yoga and meditation complement more traditional methods by helping clients manage the discomfort often associated with detox.

The Risks of Rapid Heroin Detox

Some detox facilities offer “rapid heroin detox,” which sounds like an appealing option for people who don’t want to deal with unpleasant side effects. However, it’s an extremely dangerous process that involves several types of substances that aim to boost endorphins and reduce withdrawal symptoms.

This is problematic for two reasons: firstly, there are risks associated with these substances. Secondly, rapid heroin detox doesn’t address the underlying mental and emotional aspects that contribute to addiction, which increases the risk of relapse.

Boca Detox Center does not practice or recommend rapid detox for any substance. If you’re ready to take the first step toward recovery, Boca Detox can help. Contact a Recovery Specialist at 561.271.7612 for more information about our detox services or to verify your insurance benefits.