Crystal Meth Detox Center

Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment Detox

Long-term meth users typically experience dependence before they become addicted. This means the body needs the drug to be able to function normally, before the inability to stop using even kicks in. Whether an individual is dependent or addicted, once they stop taking the drug, crystal meth withdrawal symptoms occur.

Withdrawal Effects Depend on Individual Circumstances

How you have used the drug, and for how long, will have a significant impact on the method we use to get you drug-free. Smoking meth often leads to the development of a higher tolerance to the drug, and often means that the patient will experience a more severe withdrawal.

Boca Detox Center is with you through every step of the recovery process. Our experienced staff may determine that a gradual detox may prove to be more beneficial than a cold-turkey approach. We’ve been witness to all types of users and all types of use, and we know how to best deal with each circumstance on an individual basis.

Successful Meth Detox Requires a Medically Supervised Withdrawal

At Boca Detox Center, we focus on two aspects of withdrawal. Our professionals make sure that you are safe on the prescribed path, and that you are as comfortable as possible throughout the journey.

Dealing with a meth addiction is like dealing with other addictions in some respects but very different in others. For example, if you’ve taken massive quantities of meth or used it over an extended period, stopping the use of the drug can often cause serious problems almost immediately, including difficulty breathing, seizures, or even complications of the heart. Boca Detox recognizes the issues surrounding meth detox and is fully equipped and prepared to deal with these medical situations if they arise.

What Happens When You Arrive?

Upon arrival, we will assign you an experienced therapist/supervisor who will be your point person for anything you need or care to discuss. We speak with each individual to get a full picture of their history, drug history, and all other personal aspects that may have influenced their decision to use drugs. We use the information provided to us, along with our professional understanding of the issue, to form the basis of your individualized methamphetamine addiction detox plan.

You will be evaluated by one of our physicians so that we can best determine what you and we both should expect, and be prepared for, during your detox. Then treatment begins. Our program is a holistic approach which often best helps a person make their way from addiction to a dependence-free life. Our programs typically include support via physical and mental health counselling, nutritional advice, and emotional support.

What You Will Receive at Our Facility

While you are at Boca Detox Center, you will receive the highest-quality professional care. Our physicians and practitioners are all highly-trained and compassionate clinicians with plenty of experience in meth drug rehabilitation.

Your food will be prepared by our expert chef to provide you with a balanced and healthy dietary intake and replace the vitamins and minerals of which your body may now be depleted.

Our team is here to support you, and to provide both emotional and physical guidance in many aspects of your detox. When you’re ready to leave our facility, you will not only be meth-free, but will have a strategic plan to follow for a healthy and fulfilling future. Treatment doesn’t end when you walk out of our doors. We’ll make sure that you have everything you need to succeed in life and to deal with the temptations that are sure to eventually arise.

Boca Detox Center offers a compassionate environment for you to safely and comfortably go through the process of methamphetamine addiction detoxification. We understand that getting started can be extremely difficult, and we know that the decision to join us at our facility is a notable and courageous act. You are in safe hands with the staff at Boca Detox Center.