For people who decide to recover from drug or alcohol abuse, some contemplate at-home detox. Although you or someone you care about think you’ll be able to handle the process on your own, you just don’t know what to expect. Medically-supervised inpatient detox is the safest, smartest choice for anyone who is ready to begin their recovery. Detox is one scenario where you can’t afford to take any chances, and these reasons explain why.

1. Withdrawal can be life-threatening.

Symptoms of withdrawal can be extremely severe–even fatal if a person doesn’t receive adequate medical attention. The effects of drugs and alcohol usually don’t last very long in the present moment, but long-term use can affect the brain in such a way that it can be dangerous and fatal if a person suddenly stops using a substance.

For this reason, at-home detox is never recommended, especially for substances like benzodiazepines. In a medically-supervised inpatient detox facility like Boca Detox Center, clients are monitored 24/7 and administered medication as necessary to ease withdrawal symptoms and prevent complications.

2. You’ll have access to better resources.

At-home detox is ill-advised for many reasons, one of which is that you simply don’t know what to expect. You don’t have access to clinical or medical professionals who are familiar with the detox process and understand what you’re experiencing. Addiction is isolating, and so is withdrawal, and it’s crucial to have access to people and resources for additional support. Without that support, it’s easy to give into your symptoms and start using again.

At Boca Detox Center, clients have access to educational sessions and therapy as soon as it’s medically appropriate. We try to keep family visitation at a minimum, but we still want loved ones to be involved when it’s appropriate. For example, many family members participate in the aftercare planning process.

3. Withdrawal symptoms can lead to relapse.

The majority of relapses occur shortly after getting sober, especially if a person doesn’t immediately enter treatment upon completing detox. Once a person is cleansed of addictive substances, that’s when the real healing begins. Residential treatment confronts the underlying issues that contributed to substance use and equips clients with the education and therapy necessary to maintain recovery.

Without proper treatment, it’s extremely likely that a person returns to a life of addiction because they haven’t confronted their problems head-on or made any other changes to their life. Even someone who enters treatment and is doing well will deal with cravings every once in a while. Without being in a safe, supportive, substance-free environment or having participated in treatment, it can be tough to overcome those cravings.

4. Detox is a launching pad for recovery.

During inpatient detox, a person doesn’t have to worry about anything other than getting well. If you attempt at-home detox, you’re still going to have to deal with daily tasks that require your attention. These basics, even something as simple as doing the laundry or preparing meals, can be very difficult to deal with while withdrawing from drugs or alcohol.

Clients in an inpatient detox program like Boca Detox Center have the time and space to focus on recovery. They don’t have to devote their attention to daily tasks, household chores, family members or other obligations. By focusing on recovery in the presence of others who are also focused on recovery, you start to establish the groundwork for continued treatment and recovery. You just don’t get that at home.

Deciding to stop using drugs or alcohol is one of the biggest decision you can make. By choosing to detox in a safe, medically-supervised facility like Boca Detox, you’ll take a safe, smart step toward lifelong recovery. Contact us at 561.271.7612 for more information about our Detox Programs.