Heroin Detox Center

Heroin Addiction Treatment Detox

Withdrawal from heroin is more than an unpleasant experience. In fact, the path to recovery is sometimes so difficult, the heroin withdrawal process can discourage people from even trying.

This is where Boca Detox Center can help. Physician supervised withdrawal makes it a safe process, keeps you as comfortable as possible throughout, and greatly helps minimize the risk of a relapse.

In the case of relapse, we have the in-house facilities, or facilities close by, to deal with medical emergencies. We provide a safe and secure environment where you can go through your own personal experience while receiving the support you need.

Treatment Plans

Each person’s heroin addiction treatment plan is based on their personal history with the drug, as well as other individual factors. In addition to the physical detox, we work to rebuild your mental stability which will ultimately put you in a better position to take control of your own health and wellbeing.

Medication to Ease Detox

We may determine that you require medication to help you through the early process of detoxification. Detox often has two steps: first, to rid your body of the drug, and second, to rid you of its influence over time. Our professionals carefully monitor administered drugs and dosages to eliminate residual dependence.

After Detox

Ridding your system of heroin is only stage one. Treatment for the addictive behavior then begins immediately thereafter.

Our philosophy for heroin addiction treatment is a two-pronged approach to mentally prepare you for your future as a former user and to provide you with the needed skills to stay in control going forward. We will prepare you for the transition from our center to the appropriate next level of care. The exact protocol used will depend on your personal circumstances.

Why Boca Detox Center?

Our center is a haven of peace and well-being. It is comfortable and it is safe. Your confidentiality is as important to us as your short and long-term health.

Simply stated, your success is our success, so we are invested in your triumph while you’re here and after you discharge from our immediate care and given a tailored mental health care plan that will help ensure future success.

Our team includes licensed physicians, medical practitioners and qualified therapists who collectively have hundreds of hours dealing with issues such as yours. Some of our team members have even experienced what you’re going through themselves, so you can believe us when we say that we truly understand.

Our on-site chef is skilled in producing nutritional and great-tasting meals that are designed to give you the nutrients you need at this critical point in your recovery process – especially when you don’t even feel like eating.

Our beautiful grounds are full of native vegetation, flowering plants, and towering palms, and we’re close enough to the water to smell the ocean breeze, while remaining extremely private.

Being at Boca Detox Center Improves Your Chance of Success

Getting and staying off heroin is a tough process. During the intense heroin detox phase, you’ll surely need medical assistance, and afterward, you’ll be sure to face issues that you didn’t predict. We can help you with both. At Boca Detox Center you will receive around-the-clock medical monitoring. You’ll be part of a supportive environment pursuing a collective goal. You’ll have access to appropriate medications to reduce cravings and manage symptoms, be provided with the support you’ll need, and given a tailored mental health care plan that will ensure future success.