Finding the right detox or addiction treatment program is a time-consuming process, and when you expand your search to out-of-town or even out-of-state facilities, it becomes even more convoluted. It’s no wonder why many people choose to attend detox or treatment locally for convenience’s sake. Still, limiting your search to the detox centers closest to you isn’t always the wisest decision.

While traveling for detox isn’t possible for every person or appropriate in every situation, it has its advantages:

1. Your insurance probably covers it.

Most people searching for detox or addiction treatment programs often use their insurance provider to determine where to go. Your insurance provider likely offers dozens of detox and treatment options in your area, but it’s a misconception that insurance only pays for in-state detox programs. Most insurance plans also pay for out-of-state treatment. Check with your insurance provider ahead of time to verify your coverage based on your policy.

2. It limits distractions.

Of course, there are plenty of benefits to choosing a local detox center, like staying close to family and familiar surroundings. But it has its disadvantages too. For one, distraction: When someone enters recovery in the same environment where they would use substances or can easily turn to the people who enable them, the temptation to leave may arise.

3. It allows you to be more selective.

Finding the right addiction treatment center is critical to recovery. When you expand your search, you can be more selective. Sometimes traveling to a new city or state is the best option because your area may not offer the specialized treatment you need. Expanding your search gives you access to more treatment centers so you can conduct your search more carefully and selectively.

Local facilities may not offer everything you or your loved one needs to truly recover from substance abuse. Depending on your circumstances, you may need a more specialized facility that ensures your needs can be met.

4. It reduces social repercussions.

Many people worry about the social implications of detox and addiction treatment. Traveling for detox can help you maintain privacy, protect your reputation and reduce the social side effects of treatment.

5. It gives you distance–mentally and physically.

Traveling for detox gives you a different perspective on your recovery journey. Getting away from a familiar environment puts a healthy distance between you and the negative influences in your life, which is so critical in the initial stages of recovery. Being away from familiar surroundings reduces the temptation to walk away from treatment. The significance of separation also gives you a fresh start that can make you more committed to recovery.

Traveling for detox gives you a chance to begin your journey toward recovery on the right foot. Boca Detox Center is a place where people who are ready to experience permanent sobriety can get a new beginning, whether they’re traveling to us for treatment or not. If you’re ready to recover, contact us at 561.271.7612 for more information about our detox services.