For many men and women, detox is the first step in addiction treatment, but it’s not a step you should take at home. A do-it-yourself detox is unlikely to be effective and may jeopardize your health—or your life. A medically supervised detox positions you for success and is the safest way to begin the recovery process.

The Truth About Withdrawal
The term withdrawal is used to refer to the symptoms that chemically dependent individuals experience as drugs and alcohol leave their system. Detox withdrawal symptoms vary based on substance history, length of addiction and overall physical health, but some of the more common withdrawal symptoms include:

• Nausea or vomiting
• Shakiness & trembling
• Sweating
• Rapid heartbeat
• Intense anxiety or panic
• Confusion & brain fog
• Emotional upheaval
• Visual & auditory hallucinations

In severe cases of alcohol or benzodiazepine withdrawal, detox can lead to seizures. Without clinical support and medical assistance, this can be fatal. Can can opiate withdrawal cause miscarriage? In pregnant women, opiate withdrawal may cause a miscarriage if detox is not carefully monitored. To avoid situations like these, don’t attempt a complicated withdrawal process alone. Boca’s nationally accredited medical detox is run by licensed, trained clinicians who help you withdraw safely and efficiently.

Benefits of FL Medical Detox
We’re not going to tell you that going through withdrawal will be easy, but it is manageable—and even comfortable—with professional guidance and a stable, supervised environment.

In a DIY detox, withdrawal sensations can get so uncomfortable that an individual may convince him or herself to abandon the plan and return to using. And, if a medical emergency occurs during withdrawal, it’s unlikely an untrained friend or family member would know how to help.

Our southern Florida medical detox facility is supervised by a team of doctors and nurses who monitor your vital signs throughout the withdrawal process. These experienced clinicians provide around-the-clock care and offer prescription medications to ease discomfort as needed. Boca Detox therapists and credentialed staff lend emotional support and encouragement if you become overwhelmed by the withdrawal experience. At every phase of detox, we are your advocates, mentors and friends.

Request Admission & Insurance Verification
Medically supervised detoxification is the most reliable way to jump-start your recovery, but it’s not a cure for drug or alcohol addiction. Without intensive therapy, life-skills training and relapse planning, a return to chemical dependency is imminent.

The addiction treatment professionals at Boca Detox Center can guide you through medical detoxification as part of a comprehensive inpatient rehab program. To learn more about the recovery process, request insurance verification or speak with our team, call 561.413.9409. Available 24/7, we are a premier medical detox providing personalized attention in a beautiful, well-appointed wellness center.

You are not alone. Trust our skilled, caring professionals to help you detox quickly and successfully.