Whether you find yourself in the trenches of substance misuse treatment this holiday season or you’re a recovery veteran who’s thankful for years of sobriety—embracing gratitude is one of the best ways to overcome adversity and put your life in perspective. The benefits of gratitude have been proven, time and time again:

• A 2012 study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences found that grateful people report having fewer aches and pains and feel better, overall, than others.
• Gratitude researcher Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D. has found confirmed links between gratitude, happiness and reduced depression.
• A 2015 Journal of Religion and Health paper reported that grateful people were physically healthier and more hopeful, in general.

Though you probably don’t have to be convinced that gratitude is the best way to approach each day, there are times when being thankful seems nearly impossible. If you’re in a season of negativity, remember these small-but-mighty reasons to say thanks today—and all year long.

1. You’re alive, and life is a gift. Though your quality of life is under construction while you’re in drug or alcohol treatment, be thankful that you got out of bed today. Over time, sobriety becomes less of a struggle—and the adversity you face during recovery serves to refine you in surprising and wonderful ways.
2. You have a cheering section. Whether your support group is comprised of family members, sober friends, sponsors, therapists or addiction specialists, you’re not alone. This season, focus on being grateful for the people who’ve served as your sobriety anchors.
3. You can be a light to others. Volunteerism and acts of selflessness keep us externally focused when things seem dim. Be thankful that you are capable of helping others by volunteering, mentoring, donating or offering a smile. Chances are, you’ve benefited from others during your time of need—and it’s a great time to give back.

Giving Thanks for Your Sobriety
Before the turkey is carved or gifts are exchanged this holiday season, remember to give thanks for the amazing ways your body, mind and spirit are healing during detox and recovery. If you’ve not yet begun your treatment journey, our Boca Raton detox can help. Don’t wait until after the New Year to call 561.271.7612. In our luxurious FL treatment center, you’ll find dozens of reasons to be thankful—every day. Experience the Boca Detox difference now.