Whether you love or hate resolutions, there is no doubt they’re a time-honored New Year’s tradition for many people. And, while it’s never a bad idea to identify areas of your life in need of improvement, it’s also wise to recognize where you are on your recovery journey so you can choose goals that are realistic and achievable. Most importantly, give yourself grace when things don’t go as planned, since your recovery journey is a fluid process that comes with unexpected challenges.

Realistic Resolutions
There’s something about flipping the calendar to January 1 that brings feelings of renewed hope, motivation and inspiration. It’s those same feelings that lead an estimated 40 percent of Americans to make New Year’s resolutions—but only nine percent to successfully keep them. So, should we stop setting healthy goals and resign ourselves to a life of unmet expectations? According to scholars, the best route is not to lose hope—but instead to set manageable, short-term goals that lead to long-term change. This concept can be applied to healthy eating, fitness plans, recovery goals or vocational objectives.

Grace for the Journey
Most men and women in pursuit of sobriety have a tough time giving themselves grace. If you do decide to set some formal goals for next year, remember in the long run that your recovery success doesn’t hinge on to-do lists or putting a check in the box. It’s not about holding yourself to impossibly high standards or being “strong enough” to do everything on your own. Instead, it’s about clinging to hope and believing that life will get easier (and better), day-by-day. It’s also about knowing you will make mistakes, but that intentionally living can help you prevent those mistakes from sabotaging your future success.

A Sober Fresh Start for 2020
This resolution season, the best place to start goal planning may be to meet with your therapist, sober colleagues and addiction treatment team. These advocates are uniquely positioned to help you develop reasonable expectations for the New Year and beyond.

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