The holiday season is here, and life is about to take on a whirlwind pace. Decorations, gift shopping, parties and family gatherings will occupy your mind and your time. On the outside, you may look ready for the celebrations—but if you’re facing your first sober holiday season, you may be wondering how you’ll resist temptation and make it through with your cheer intact.

Along with the buzz of activities and the warm scent of pine and cinnamon, the holiday season brings demands the new sober you may find hard to handle. Are you ready to face inquisitive relatives and old friends? Are you confident about your strategies to avoid relapse triggers? Do you have a plan for dealing with stress and anxiety? You’ve worked hard for recovery, so kick off your holidays by making a recovery checklist. It will help you anticipate difficult social situations and stay on track with your recovery. After all, a sober holiday is the best gift you can give yourself.

Here are a few checkpoints to include on your personal holiday checklist:

• Stay active with your support network. Your sponsor, sober friends and support group are a good source for sober holiday activities, companionship and advice.
• Take control of your schedule. Decide which social gatherings you will attend and politely decline invitations to events that do not fit in with your sober lifestyle.
• Pay attention to your health. The holidays will tempt you, so eat healthy meals, get plenty of rest and maintain your exercise routine. Remember that binging on sugar can raise dopamine and serotonin levels to the point where your body craves sweets—so stick with your post-recovery nutrition plan and enjoy holiday treats in moderation.
• Practice coping strategies. You are sure to encounter relapse triggers and stress during the holiday season. Continue to meditate and practice mindfulness. Formulate a ready reply and exit strategy for times you feel cornered.
• Empower yourself. Staying sober is your priority, even during the holidays. Choose to break traditions that might derail your recovery, and begin new ones that will fulfill you for many holiday seasons to come.

Detox Is the First Step Toward a Sober Life
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