It’s human nature to procrastinate a bit when you’re faced with a difficult task, but constantly putting off challenges can seriously derail your recovery efforts. Get yourself back on track with these 5 helpful tips.

1. Break Long-Term Goals into Short-Term Goals
When you’re in recovery, it’s best to take things one day at a time. Wanting to be sober forever is an admirable long-term goal, but it’s hard to meet because it’s so vague. It’s better to break recovery into manageable, short-term goals, like attending weekly Boca AA meetings or writing in a journal for 15 minutes each night to better understand how your feelings affect your cravings.

2. Create an Environment that Sets You Up for Success
When it comes to making progress toward your goals, work with your natural strengths and abilities. If you’re a morning person, schedule important appointments immediately. If you find yourself fighting cravings at night because you’re bored and hungry, keep healthy snacks on hand and plan on using this time to squeeze in an endorphin-boosting workout.

3. Conduct a Time Audit
If your schedule just feels too busy to make time for your recovery efforts, try conducting a time audit. Spend one week writing down everything you do, including sleeping, watching TV, spending time on social media and handling household chores. Look for ways to cut out time wasters; then try to multitask, delegate or outsource the less important parts of your schedule. When you feel less rushed during the day, you’ll be better able to devote your full attention to your recovery.

4. Aim for Progress, Not Perfection
Recovery is about making steps toward a clean and sober life, even as you make a few mistakes along the way. Don’t let a fear of failure prevent you from entering treatment, attending support group meetings or making the healthy lifestyle changes your body needs to heal the physical effects of addiction.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help.
Fighting addiction often seems overwhelming because it’s a chronic illness. You can’t simply “will yourself” to get better, no matter how hard you try. You need access to a proven addiction treatment plan. If you’re struggling, Boca Detox is here to help. Our medically supervised detox process lets you take the first step toward lifelong sobriety in a well-appointed, comfortable environment. Call 561.271.7612 or connect confidentially online to learn more.

From all of us at Boca Detox: We wish you and those you love a happy, healthy New Year!