Comfortable Medical Detox

Detox is the crucial first step towards lifelong sobriety and freedom from addiction and alcoholism. Addiction and alcoholism wreak havoc on the body and mind; detox is the process of the body ridding itself of alcohol and drugs.

Medical supervision in a luxurious environment

Most treatment centers recommend or require that an individual become medically stable before beginning treatment. This is because the detoxification process requires a specific care plan to manage an individual’s symptoms and relieve their discomfort.

The discomfort associated with detox makes many people think they should detox at home where they’ll have their own quiet space free from intrusion, with access to all their favorite creature comforts. Withdrawal symptoms can make detoxing alone at home not only extremely uncomfortable but also very dangerous.

The safety and medical supervision of a hospital environment manages the health and well-being of an individual while they undergo detox. However, the privacy, comfort and individual attention you will need may not be available at a hospital.

An exclusive, luxurious, state-of-the-art facility

Boca Detox Center elegantly bridges the gap between the luxury and comfort of your home with the safety and medical supervision of a hospital. Our exclusive, private facility in a beautiful tropical climate is an ideal place to begin your journey of recovery.

Our highly trained medical and clinical staff are able to manage your physical symptoms and discomfort, while providing you with encouragement emotional support. We assure our client’s comfort and safety by providing medications like Suboxone, Librium and Serax which alleviate symptoms and reduce complications associated with detoxing.Detoxing in an environment that is beautiful, comfortable and private, plus manages all your most severe symptoms, means you’ll have no distractions from your goal of achieving sobriety and beginning long-term recovery.

Individualized treatment plans and personalized care

Each client of Boca Detox Center receives a customized treatment plan and personalized care to address your individual risks and issues and ensure your comfort.

Our experienced medical staff is trained on all protocols for helping clients detoxify from drugs and alcohol, and clients meet with medical staff daily. Compassionate and supportive clinical staff ease clients transition through withdrawal, providing encouragement and a listening ear.

Clients can participate in any of our three daily clinical groups, or nightly Twelve Step meetings.

Our staff nutritionist supervises the alcohol or drug detox diet of each client, and our fully licensed, classically trained chef prepares daily meals catering to each client’s needs. Housekeeping staff refresh every client’s room daily, tidying and providing fresh linens.

Once you have become medically stable, our experienced intervention-minded Case Managers can assist you in planning a continuum of care that meets your recovery needs, even if you are unsure about further treatment.

Come see our elite facility for yourself—call our team to discuss whether Boca Detox Center is right for you 561.271.7612.