Marijuana, or cannabis, is arguably the most controversial drug in American history. The debate about the plant has been raging for decades. Recently, advocates have begun to outnumber cannabis opponents. This is despite the fact that much is still left to conjecture when it comes to marijuana’s potential for harm. Many Americans, on both sides of the argument, are absent of hard facts. Whether they could summon the power to admit it or not.

Marijuana is second only to alcohol as the most used substance on the planet. In the United States, it is consumed more than any other illicit drug. As we are sure you are aware, marijuana’s legal status has been in a state of flux. Slowly, but surely, states have been legalizing cannabis for both medical and recreational use. As it stands right now, 29 states (including Florida) and the District of Columbia have medical marijuana programs. After Americans went to the polls last November, a total of 8 states have voted in favor of recreational use.

It seems like every time Americans go to the polls, the country becomes a little more cannabis-friendly. Despite Federal law, millions of teenagers and adults are using and misusing marijuana. Forcing us to look closely at the dangers of marijuana use for some people.

Cannabis Use Disorder

While the country continues to debate the drug’s legal status, there is one facet of this subject that is not up for argument. Marijuana use can lead to dependence and addiction. Those who meet the criteria for cannabis use disorder often experience withdrawal symptoms when attempting to cutback or abstain. The National Institute on Drug Abuseoffers that about 9 percent of cannabis users report becoming addicted, given that marijuana use is on the rise that 9 percent applies to greater number of people, The Washington Post reports. With more people using the drug due to changes in laws, more people are also voluntarily seeking addiction treatment for cannabis.

People with cannabis use disorder who attempt to quit unassisted by addiction treatment services often relapse early on. Therefore, those who meet the criteria for a use disorder would be greatly served by disregarding the idea that cannabis is benign. They would also benefit greatly from seeking the help of addiction professionals to overcome their acute withdrawal symptoms. Followed by an introduction to addiction recovery programs, such as Narcotics Anonymous. If you have had unsuccessful attempts at permanently abstaining from marijuana, you probably experienced acute withdrawal symptoms. Which may have included:

  • Insomnia or Disturbed Sleep
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Depressed Mood

Simply put, withdrawal is an uncomfortable experience and without help individuals know their symptoms can be alleviated by using cannabis again. Thus, one finds himself or herself right back where they started. Recovery ends before it begins.

Cannabis Detox

If you are addicted to marijuana, and have been unable to stop using on your own, there are ways to help facilitate finding recovery. At Boca Detox Center, we can help with the early stage of recovery, the time when relapse is most likely to occur. The professionals at our drug detox center help manage your withdrawal symptoms keeping you as comfortable as possible. At which time we will introduce you to recovery, assess and help you determine the best course of action to ensure long-term recovery. Please contact us today to break the cycle of cannabis use disorder.