Cigna Coverage for Addiction Treatment

cigna insuranceBoca Detox Center provides a luxurious environment to help you take the first step in your recovery as comfortably as possible with an individualized treatment plan to support you and minimize your withdrawal symptoms. We understand that comfort also includes being free from the financial stress of how to pay for your detoxification treatment. When you’re ready to detoxify from alcohol or drugs, we’ll make sure that your Cigna health plan is ready too.

The compassionate and knowledgeable staff at our insurance-friendly detox center will assist you with leveraging your insurance plan to get the most from your coverage during your stay. While you may inquire about your Cigna Health Insurance benefits by calling the membership number on the back of your identification card, the most efficient way to find out if your plan covers services at Boca Detox is to contact us or call directly at 877.337.9077. Our insurance specialists can verify our ability to work with your insurance plan with a confidential 20-minute phone call.

Cigna Coverage for Addiction TreatmentCigna is among the few American insurers to offer behavioral health benefits, which includes substance abuse services, in each employer-based health plan, and in every marketplace plan. Over 122,000 health care professionals provide behavioral health services at 14,000 Cigna-approved facilities worldwide. Of course, your particular out-of-pocket expenses will vary based on your specific plan. Employer-based and group plans may be an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) plan, requiring you to visit an in-network facility, or may be a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan with access to out-of-network providers. Either way, Boca Detox Center will work closely with you to ensure that any pre-authorization or referral requirements are met.

The amount of your policy’s deductible, the number of your co-payments required, and your policy’s co-insurance amount will also impact your personal financial responsibility. In general, plans with the lowest monthly payments have high deductibles and cover approximately 60% of medical costs. Plans with lower deductibles and up to 90% of medical cost coverage may have much higher monthly payments. Cigna’s group health plans have no separate deductible for behavioral health services, and marketplace plans are protected by the 2008 Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, which states that plans such as these must offer protections and benefits to the insured for substance abuse treatment that equal those offered for general medical or surgical care.


Verify Cigna Insurance

Cigna Behavioral Health Services provide case management services to coordinate medical, mental, and prescription coverage as needed. Once you have safely completed the detoxification program at Boca Detox, Cigna will continue to be there for you with follow-up case management and consultations, referral services, and coverage for the outpatient services you may need. Rest assured that at Boca Detox Center we will work closely with you to ensure that your insurance coverage is maximized for your treatment and medications for the duration of your stay.

Boca Detox is proud to work with Cigna as a health insurance provider, in part, due to their long history of working to reduce drug and alcohol addiction in the United States. Cigna has contributed to programs that reduce opioid prescriptions via partnership with doctors and pharmacists and has facilitated research via partnership with the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) to ensure patients are receiving the best chance for successful long-term recovery. The Cigna Foundation continues to provide valuable resources to first responders, physicians, and non-profit organizations who are at the forefront of fighting addiction in their communities. Cigna recognizes an integrated, holistic approach to health in the same way we do here at Boca Detox Center.

Boca Detox is a place for you to comfortably and safely eliminate physical dependence on substances and leaving behind the stress of your treatment costs is part of a providing a comfortable experience. We will work to ensure that every client who wishes to use insurance while with us has the ability to do so. Our knowledgeable staff understands the ins and outs of your specific Cigna plan. Call us directly at 877-337-9077 to confidentially discuss your policy and treatment history with one of our insurance specialists.