CareFirst Coverage for Addiction Treatment

When you’re ready to detox from drugs or alcohol, Boca Detox Center will make sure your CareFirst Insurance plan is ready to help cover the cost. Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff are here for you at all hours to assist you with understanding your CareFirst insurance benefits, with the goal to help minimize your out-of-pocket expenses to the fullest. The most efficient way to find out if your CareFirst Health Plan covers services at Boca Detox Center is to call us at 877-337-9077.

CareFirst is the largest insurer in the mid-Atlantic region and provides benefits to over 3.3 million Americans in the states of Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia. As an independent licensee of Blue Cross Blue Shield, members of CareFirst have access to the trusted BCBS network of healthcare providers. Both, individual plans purchased through the health care marketplace and employer-based plans, include Behavioral Health Benefits that extend to treatment for substance use disorders.

Behavioral Health Programs provide coverage for alcohol and drug addiction treatment in both inpatient and outpatient facilities and may also include additional coverage for education, therapy, and follow up outpatient care. Your CareFirst Healthcare Plan will cover all medically necessary treatment, which includes your medically supervised detoxification, any drugs needed to ease your withdrawal symptoms, your inpatient stay and meals, and continued therapy and education when your detoxification is complete.

Your CareFirst Healthcare benefits may help reduce the cost of the following:


Verify CareFirst Insurance

CareFirst insurance informationThe 2008 Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act prohibits discriminatory practices that limit coverage for substance use disorders. Among the stipulations of the act, it ensures that criteria for behavioral health coverage is equal to that applied for any medical procedure. Thus, limits on number of inpatient days, criteria for medical necessity, and use of care management tools must be equitable between behavioral and medical health coverage. In addition, copayments, coinsurance amounts and out of pocket maximums cannot differ for behavioral and medical services or procedures.

The limits of your specific coverage are based on several factors, including a past history of treatment for substance abuse, any co-occurring medical or behavioral conditions, medications needed, and your specific treatment plan. In addition, your CareFirst plan will specify a copayment and coinsurance amount, although it’s possible that your plan may offer a copayment waiver. Boca Detox Center will work closely with CareFirst Healthcare plan administrators as your advocate, ensuring that your insurance is utilized to the fullest extent.

Boca Detox Center is a place for you to comfortably and safely eliminate physical dependence on substances. As part of our commitment to you, we work to ensure that every client who wishes to use insurance while with us has the ability to do so. Our insurance specialists are standing by to help ease your financial worries. Our knowledgeable staff will review the benefits of your CareFirst Healthcare plan and explain how you can minimize your out-of-pocket expense. Contact us or call today at 877-337-9077 to confidentially discuss your policy and treatment history with one of our insurance specialists.