Boca Detox Center recently was chosen as one of the very few Addiction Treatment facilities to receive the authoritative LegitScript Certification.

The addiction treatment industry is massive and because of its size, the quality of service can vary greatly. In September 2017, the search giant Google ceased allowing the placement of ads to a very large number of recovery and rehab facilities effectively restricting many search terms. This control measure was not taken lightly by Google, as search ads on rehab-related keywords were earning Google a significant revenue stream. Nonetheless, Google was finding a staggering amount of misleading and deceptive ads and tactics to drive call volume and made the decision to halt the unscrupulous behavior while they could institute a better means of control.

The AdWords collapse for treatment facilities swept through the industry swiftly and without warning. Unfortunately, Google’s change in policies also impeded the ability of quality addiction treatment facilities to connect with families in need. Not surprisingly, this made it more difficult for those battling addiction to find the help they truly needed.

In May 2018, Google announced new updates to their advertising policies allowing US-based addiction treatment centers to apply for certification. If certified, they would be able to participate in Google AdWords again. To undertake this monumental screening exercise, Google partnered with LegitScript’s Healthcare Merchant Certification to ensure that only trustworthy and upstanding rehabilitation centers can advertise with Google. Not all rehab centers and detox addiction service facilities are eligible for LegitScript Certification. Facilities not meeting the stringent criteria established by Google and LegitScript will not be permitted to advertise for drug and alcohol addiction services on Google whatsoever.

LegitScript CEO John Horton said “I’m really pleased that Google now utilizes LegitScript certification in their policy processes. We want to make it easy for legitimate healthcare merchants to advertise and maintain merchant accounts, and, of course, we want to make it impossible for the bad ones to do the same.”

We are proud to announce that Boca Detox Center passed the stringent LegitScript Certification process with flying colors. This makes Boca Detox is one of fewer than a hundred rehabilitation and detox centers nationwide that enjoys the benefits of LegitScript certification.