Drug Detox Center

Drug addiction is a complicated disease shared by millions of Americans. It can create problems at school, work, home or with the law. It can put incredible strain on relationships and make someone struggling with addiction feel isolated and alone. You may be experiencing problems with your health or your finances, or find that you’ve lost interest in life and activities you used to enjoy.

Detox may be right for you if you experience intense cravings for drugs; if you feel ill, anxious, depressed or agitated when you don’t use drugs for a period of time; or if you have to take more of the drug or take it more often, to get the desired effect.

Combining the comfort of home, the supervision of a hospital environment, and the support of experienced and compassionate staff, Boca Detox provides an ideal place to begin your journey of recovery.

You can explore our problems for specific drug classes such as Opiates, Benzodiazepines, or synthetic drugs, or contact us for more information about your case.

The first thing we do when a person is admitted to our facility is perform a thorough medical examination. This gives our medical staff insight into any issues, risks or concerns that should be addressed in your detoxification plan.

Each client can enjoy the privacy of their own elegant room complete with pillow top mattress, boutique hotel bedding, and a personal flat screen TV. Exquisitely prepared meals are served by our classically trained in-house chef.

As a client of Boca Detox Center, you can count on a balance of services from our clinical staff to ease you through your detoxification process such as daily check-ins and clinical groups, as well as nightly Twelve Step meetings.Detox is the crucial first step towards a life of freedom from the ravages of drug addiction. When you’re ready to take that first step, Boca Detox Center can offer you a luxurious setting and round-the-clock care to help you detox. Contact us today to learn more 561.271.7612.