Blue Cross, Blue Shield Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Blue Cross, Blue Shield InsuranceAt Boca Detox Center we’re here for you when you’re ready to detox from alcohol or drugs in a comfortable, luxurious environment with the support of an individualized treatment plan to minimize your withdrawal symptoms.

Our goal is to help you begin treatment as soon as possible, which begins with removing the stress associated with the financial burden of medical care. At our insurance-friendly detox center, our compassionate and knowledgeable staff will assist you with leveraging your insurance plan to get the most from your coverage during your stay. Patients with Blue Cross Blue Shield may contact their healthcare provider directly to inquire about benefits by calling the number on the back of their identification card, or visiting the BCBS website. However, the most efficient way to find out if your plan covers services at Boca Detox Center is to call us directly at 877.337.9077. Our addiction treatment insurance specialists can verify our ability to work with your BCBS plan in a brief, confidential 20-minute phone call.

With 106 million members worldwide, Blue Cross Blue Shield is among the nation’s largest healthcare providers, and does typically cover behavioral and mental health services, including substance abuse treatment, detoxification, and medications associated with easing withdrawal symptoms. Whether it’s alcohol, prescription or illicit drugs, synthetic drugs, opiates, or benzodiazepines, detoxification should always occur under the supervision of medical professionals, and your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan understands that.

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Blue Cross, Blue Shield CoverageBlue Cross Blue Shield has been a leader in American healthcare since 1929, and continues to be at the forefront of substance abuse prevention, treatment and policy. Substance abuse treatment, including detoxification, falls under BCBS’s Behavioral Health coverage, which is included in most plans. Components of Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Behavioral Health program include inpatient care and residential treatment center coverage, as well as case management programs for substance abuse disorders. In addition, all Marketplace health insurance plans must now provide coverage for substance abuse treatment as an essential health benefit. Pre-authorization may be required in some cases, although detoxification treatment is frequently deemed as medically necessary, and recent law stipulates that pre-authorization for substance abuse treatment can be no more restrictive than for any other medical or surgical procedure.

The amount of coverage provided by your specific plan may depend on several variables, including your home state, the details of your plan, and your past history of treatment for substance abuse or use of coverage for an inpatient treatment center stay. In addition to covering inpatient detoxification services, your plan may cover some or all of the cost or prescriptions for medications to ease anxiety or other withdrawal symptoms. Whether your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance is an HMO or PPO plan, at Boca Detox Center, we are frequently able to access out-of-network coverage for most insurance providers. Contact us or call directly at 877.337.9077 to discuss your specific policy and treatment history with one of our insurance specialists.

Boca Detox Center is a place for you to comfortably and safely eliminate physical dependence on substances and leaving behind the stress of the cost of your treatment is part of a comfortable experience. We take pride in being an insurance friendly detox center, and will be there with you to navigate every in and out of your insurance plan. At Boca Detox Center, we will work to ensure that every client who wishes to use insurance while with us has the ability to do so.