Benzo Detox Center

Benzodiazepines, “benzos,” are a prescription medication typically used to treat generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, insomnia, or to manage seizures. These drugs include well-known prescribed brands such as Valium, Xanax, and Ativan.

Do you need detox for benzodiazepine addiction?

Benzos are central nervous system depressants and slow down many bodily functions like breathing, heart rate and neural function. These should only ever be taken as prescribed by your doctor as there is a high risk of physical dependence and addiction.

It’s common for our clients to begin using benzos after being prescribed the medication by their doctor. Only later does an abuse of the drug manifest when it is taken more frequently, in higher dosages, or in combination with alcohol and opiates where it can be extremely dangerous. Many long-term users of benzos experience health and behavioral issues like heart and liver damage, depression suicidal thoughts, memory loss and cognitive degradation.

The first step toward lifelong remission

Our clients can look forward to a healthy, normal life after benzo addiction thanks to safe and comfortable medically-managed detoxification.

Medical staff at Boca Detox knows how to care for and comfort clients as they detoxify from benzos. In addition to managing withdrawal symptoms through the use of medications, our clinical staff provides our clients with compassion, support and encouragement throughout the tapering process.

Special care and consideration of every client

If a client may be affected by a specific issue or concern during detox, we’ll discover this during our intake assessment, which includes a physical exam as well as an interview. We’ll ensure that you are able to comfortably detoxify from benzodiazepines, reducing and eliminating the unsafe side effects generally associated with withdrawal.

Clients can enjoy the comfort and privacy of their own bedroom with flat screen TV and pillow top mattress, or mingle with other clients in our common room for games or movies. Clients diets are supervised by our staff nutritionist and prepared fresh daily by our classically trained personal chef.

Extra support and recovery work is available through our three times daily clinical groups, or our nightly onsite Twelve Step meeting.

Get professional support and supervision in a luxurious setting, and break the cycle of benzo dependence. Contact Boca Detox Center today to learn more 561.271.7612.