Adderall Detox Center

Adderall is often prescribed for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – also known as ADHD – and affects the centers of the brain associated with motivation and concentration. It is a stimulant drug which elevates body temperature and blood pressure. In other words, it keeps users awake and able to better focus.

Dependency and Addiction

Adderall creates surges of dopamine in the brain which the user can easily become accustom to receiving. If you’ve been taking Adderall for a long period of time, your brain may rely on this self-administration and stop the natural production of the chemical as it’s done in the past.

Withdrawal from Adderall can be an unpleasant process and should be achieved under medical supervision. Unsupervised withdrawal with a “cold turkey” approach is not recommended. One should seek medical advise before stopping adderall cold turkey.

Adderall Detox at Our Facility

At Boca Detox Center, we understand the needs of clients with dependence and addiction issues. Our clinic is well-equipped and designed to help you succeed in reaching your sober goals.

Clients lodge in beautifully appointed rooms, eat gourmet foods, and when feeling a bit better, enjoy our delightful and scenic grounds located close to the ocean. Our center epitomizes serenity, peace, and recovery, where you’ll be confidentially treated with care.

A Program That’s Right for You

When you arrive at our state-of-the-art clinic, our medical and clinical staff will perform a full physical and mental health assessment. From this foundation, we can create a program which is specifically tailored to your needs.

There are many possible side effects to Adderall withdrawal which can be further complicated by pre-existing mental health conditions and the use of other prescription medications, so it’s imperative that our staff gets the complete picture of your mental and physical state before creating your personalized treatment program.

Our team has decades of experience in dealing with the physical and psychological effects of substance withdrawal and will create a custom plan to wean you off Adderall over time. This may include the administration of anti-depressants or sleep aids when disturbed sleep accompanies withdrawal.

While staying with us, you’ll meet with your team of physicians and clinicians each day so that we can evaluate your progress and adjust treatment if necessary.

We know that making the decision to become drug-free takes bravery and determination, and you can relax a little knowing that you’ll receive our staff’s full support through every step of your journey to recovery.

Dealing with Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS)

After Adderall withdrawal, the symptoms you experience will be different from what you experienced during the withdrawal process and you’ll need to be well prepared. At Boca Detox, we provide extensive education, training and management techniques to help you cope with the ongoing symptoms as you head into full recovery.

Withdrawal is Not the End

Once your Adderall addiction treatment detox is complete, recovery begins. At this point, you will continue need, and receive, support from the Boca Detox team of professionals. We will connect you with the resources you’ll need to proceed and recommend an ongoing program which may include attending support groups, or counselling, or possibly both.

Why come to Boca Detox?

By coming to our Boca Detox Center you’ll be in an environment which is geared to making you well, without the triggers of your dependence or stresses that led you to your current state. Our serene atmosphere is the right place to begin your journey to sobriety.