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Opiate Addiction Treatment

Drug Detox in Boca Raton, FL

The National Institutes of Health estimate that about 9% of Americans will misuse opiates in their lifetimes. Opiate drugs may include illegal substances like heroin as well as certain prescription medications used to manage pain. Over time, these drugs can create physical dependence that causes withdrawal when the drug is not being used. Those who are struggling with opiate addiction will also develop a drug tolerance, meaning that higher and higher doses are needed to avoid withdrawal symptoms. This pattern creates a high risk for opiate overdose, which can be deadly. At Boca Detox Center, you can find the support and medical supervision needed to safely detox and make it through the withdrawal process for a long-term recovery.

Common Opiate Drugs

Opiates include heroin, morphine, codeine, OxyContin, Dilaudid, and methadone, which are all habit-forming drugs that have similar symptoms of withdrawal. Opiate use has been on the rise in recent years, as prescription drug abuse has become a more common trend in the United States.

Withdrawal Symptoms

There is a wide range of symptoms that may occur with opiate withdrawal. Individuals undergoing withdrawal without medical supervision are often unsuccessful, because symptoms can be severe and overwhelming. Among the most common withdrawal symptoms are agitation, anxiety, muscle soreness, insomnia, vomiting, goose bumps, abdominal cramping, and depression. Unlike alcohol withdrawal, opiate withdrawal is not life-threatening, but it can still be incredibly uncomfortable. Symptoms tend to set in about 12 hours after an individual’s last opiate dose, and they will usually occur in multiple phases as the body adjusts to significant changes in brain chemistry resulting from the withdrawal.

Treatments in Detox

With the care of Boca Detox Center, patients can expect to minimize the timeframe of withdrawal and receive medical attention to reduce complications and increase comfort. While it is impossible to curb withdrawal symptoms completely, there are measures that can make the process easier for patients and promote more success in breaking the cycle of opiate addiction.

  • Psychological support – Cognitive behavioral therapy and other more intensive psychological therapies will likely not begin until after detox is complete, but patients are still given comfort and support to ease them through the withdrawal process.
  • Medication – There are a number of medications that can treat symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea as well as drugs that will help to ease withdrawal symptoms on the whole by changing how the brain responds to opiate drugs.

For more information about the inpatient detox programs at Boca Detox Center, give us a call at (844) 922-2622. Our specialized staff can get you on the road to substance abuse treatment by helping you through the initial withdrawal process, which is often one of the most challenging aspects of addiction recovery.

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