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The Long Term Effects of Heroin Use

Prolonged heroin addiction can continue to have severe effects on the mind and body even after successful heroin detox. Over time, heroin addiction and abuse changes the structure of the brain, and can cause a variety of serious medical problems. If you know someone suffering from heroin addiction, or another dangerous drug addiction near Boca Raton, keep reading to learn more about how dangerous the addiction can be to physical and mental health.

Serious Mental and Psychological Problems

Repeated heroin use changes the physiology of the brain, causing irreversible imbalances of the in the brain’s neurons and the body’s hormone production. Heroin addiction can cause the brain’s white matter to begin deteriorating, leading to problems making decisions and regulating behavior. Heroin detox or drug withdrawal can cause insomnia and depression, and long-term heroin addiction can even cause serious mental illness, such as antisocial personality disorder.

Increased Risk Infections and Diseases

Heroin injection can result in bacterial infections of the blood, which can spread to other organs in the body, such as the heart lining and heart valves. Heroin injection also increases a user’s chance of contracting soft tissue infections, like MRSA, or infectious diseases, like HIV and hepatitis. Heroin, or the additives included in the drug, can clog the blood vessels, contributing to the development of heart, lung, liver, and kidney disease.

Possibility of Dangerous Medical Complications

Regardless of how someone who suffers from a heroin addiction administers the drug, he is susceptible to a number of dangerous medical complications. Heroin use causes depressed respiration, which can lead to lung problems, such as pneumonia and tuberculosis. Women who abuse heroin may suffer from irregular menstrual cycles, miscarriages, or spontaneous abortions. Snorting heroin can damage the tissues in the nose, while injecting it can collapse veins. Immunological reactions to the additives included in heroin can trigger the development of arthritis or other rheumatologic problems.