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Flakka: The Dangers of the New Drug

Drug detox centers near Boca Raton have recently reported an alarming new trend in synthetic drug use: Flakka. Like bath salts, Flakka is a type of synthetic cathinone made of ever-changing chemical components. As drug dealers and addicts attempt to escape liability, they significantly alter the drug’s contents with the goal of making it impossible to outlaw. Unfortunately, unpredictable ingredients often yield terrifying results that far exceed even the horrors of heroin addiction. Read on to find out more about how Flakka is created, symptoms of overdose, and how you can protect your loved ones from this drug.

Unstable Components

Also known as alpha-PVP, the drug known as Flakka has a similar chemical makeup to bath salts. It generally comes in a white or pink crystalline form, which is how it earned its nickname, and smells strongly of chemicals. Pharmacologically, bath salts and Flakka usually contain a cathinone, but the chemical composition varies widely and some drugs also contain derivatives of pyrovalerone or pipradrol. Like hard drugs such as heroin, this so-called designer drugs are powerfully addictive and increase a user’s tolerance.

Adverse Reactions

Like heroin, Flakka can be eaten, snorted, or injected. In a scary twist, some drug addicts have been using Flakka in electronic cigarette devices. This technique sends the drug directly into the bloodstream—and makes users highly susceptible to overdose. Alpha-PVP can cause a condition called excited delirium. This causes hyper-stimulation, paranoia, and hallucinations. Flakka has been linked to heart attacks and dangerous, sudden increases in body temperature. This drug can also cause kidney damage and kidney failure.

Extreme Violence

In one highly publicized Florida case, a man reportedly high on Flakka gnawed on and disfigured another man’s face before he was shot to death by police. Another drug user tried to break down the door of a police station in Fort Lauderdale. Only a few weeks later, a man high on the drug impaled himself while trying to climb a fence around the very same police station. This drug addiction almost always leads to violent aggression and self-injury and is often linked to suicide.